Quality time spent together is the best gift you could give to me, and my ultimate favorite gifts are experiences, particularly travel! If you can't meet me but want to show appreciation for my work or for those who like going above and beyond, here are some of my latest wishes and favorite stores for e-gift cards.

Please note gift cards sometimes are flagged when addressed to me. If you send one and don't hear from me, I never got it. The best way to send a gift card is to buy one in person and send me the code or email it to yourself and forward it to me! 🙂


Jasmine candles, eternity roses, bathrobes, red wine, fuzzy socks, silky pajama sets, face masks, white gold/platinum jewelry.


Gifts don't always have to be material and philanthropic efforts are always sure to make me smile. I'm a huge fan of charity dinners/galas and offer special rates for these kinds of events. Please get in touch if you're interested!

"Finally got to meet Gia during her visit to the Big Apple. Screening/verification was quick and easy and all communication with her was pleasant. Always well dressed and well spoken."