• 90 minute minimum for new clients.
  • Couples and duos +300/hr, 2-hour minimum.
  • Greece is +200 and requires booking in advance.
  • Overnights require 7-8 hours of beauty sleep.
  • Please read my policies page before contacting me.

Please do not ask me to negotiate my rates or I will be unable to meet you. Excessive drinking, use of drugs, or any boundary crossing will result in our date ending immediately with no refunds given. I will not respond to any message with the use of acronyms or explicit language, communication should be kept professional for booking only.

My email address is I would appreciate it if you could contact me from a Proton Mail account, our conversation will stay private and encrypted this way!


I love meeting new people and experiencing new places! My tours are announced via my newsletter and social media. When not touring, I am available to travel to cities near Austin with a minimum 3-hour booking, 50% deposit, and an additional travel fee. I’m also available worldwide for extended dates. Any travel expenses are covered by you. Please inquire directly for details!

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