Our perfect encounter begins with you!


Please do not ask me to negotiate my rates or for additional photos. All distinguishable features are concealed for my privacy. Good hygiene and mutual respect are my top priorities. I don’t tolerate any impertinence and if you become out of hand it will result in our date ending with no refunds given. Emails that are distasteful or lacking detail will not be responded to. Read my FAQ for further details!


I’m typically flexible to meet 7 days a week between 8am-10pm. You can view my detailed schedule here. After hours may be pre-arranged for an additional fee. I will meet you only at an upscale, clean, and safe location within Austin. Dates 3 hours and over require some kind of social activity. To meet at my incall or for outcalls anywhere in the area further than 15 miles from downtown, add 100.

I’m also available in the San Antonio area by appointment (+200) and any other city for extended dates.


Canceling with less than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% fee, half of which can be used as a deposit for a future booking. Rescheduling does not incur a fee if you give me at least 48 hours notice. Please be aware that I don’t have a late grace period, any time I spend waiting will count to your time booked.


My preference is cash to be simply placed in plain view and not talked about. When meeting in public please hand it to me in a card/gift bag. If cash is not possible, the only electronic methods I accept are Bitcoin, Paypal, or credit cards with a surcharge. All electronic payments must be prepaid before we meet to ensure the payment goes through. Deposits may be requested through e-gift cards or invoices.

Any money exchanged is for my time only and attempt to discuss illegal services will end our communication.


I’m happy to be a reference if we have seen each other in the past 6 months, but please do not give out my phone number when listing me as one. I also ask that you don’t use me as a reference more than 3 times. A good rule of thumb is to use your most recent two providers as references. Review culture can be controversial, but I do understand finding someone reliable isn’t the easiest! You can read my 5-star testimonials on my Private Delights profile. I don’t approve of reviews on any other site. If you’d like to post one, keep it classy. 


You can be sure that your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me as a professional companion. The easiest way to screen is to fill out my booking form, but if you are uncomfortable sending the form, ask me for the fill in the version that you can copy and email instead. If you’ve read this whole page, tell me your favorite color in your booking request. All information is kept entirely private, but NDAs may be signed on request. Incomplete or fake screening will not be considered.

"Booking with confidence is what you can expect, but please confirm early as her time is valuable and highly sought after."