Punctuality, chivalry, cleanliness, a great sense of humor, respect, confidence, dressing to impress, passion
Impertinence, poor communication, aggressiveness, inappropriate language, bad hygiene, drug/tobacco use
Age: 24

Height: 5’9

Eye Color: Green

Based in: Austin, TX

Body: 32-26-40 / 140lbs

Breast Implants/Size: No / 32C

Smoker / drinker : no / Socially

languages: english, french, spanish, german

Dietary Restrictions: None

Do you take special requests?

Outfit requests are always welcome. I’m very open-minded and happy to fulfill almost any fantasy of yours so long as you ask respectfully. Typically this would be discussed during our initial meeting, as I do not like to discuss our time over email.

What are your beverages of choice?

A good Pinot Noir, sparkling water, or champagne. I love Moët and Dom Pérignon. (You should ask me to tell the story of my trip to the Moët & Chandon winery in Épernay…)

What is your favorite kind of date?

I’m a total foodie and I love trying new things, so I would say spending an evening indulging in a tasting menu partnered with a bottle of wine, great company, and never skipping dessert. 😉

Why haven’t you replied to my email?

Time is a luxury, and I am selective about who I spend mine with. If your initial communication towards me is at all unprofessional or you refuse to screen, we are not compatible. I prefer to not waste either of our times by interacting.

How can I show my appreciation?

I have a wishlist page, e-gift cards are such a great surprise and always put to good use!

Can we hang out “off the clock”?

Any compensation exchanged is for my time, nothing else. Requesting free time is very disrespectful of the work I put into myself. Though we may genuinely enjoy hanging out, be mindful of my boundaries.

Do you offer monthly arrangements?

Arrangements are available if we have already developed a long term, meaningful friendship and you have an honest desire to take care of me. Inquire for details. Please do not ask me for an arrangement if we have not been seeing each other regularly for at least a few months.

Will my looks/height/weight/race/shoe size/etc bother you?

Not at all! I do not discriminate or judge based on uncontrollable factors.

How do I meet you?

The only way to meet me is to screen either by filling out my booking form or here is the fill-in version to email if you’re uncomfortable submitting the form. Feel free to include a message describing yourself and what intrigued you about me! 

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