As a reflection of my multicultural background, I have developed a life full of adventure, knowledge, and self-discovery. Being an entrepreneur who runs several businesses, I have the privilege to be a companion independently and place a high value on quality over quantity. Although I lead a busy life, language study, yoga, and cooking are a few of my hobbies I fit into my daily routine. I also adore immersing myself in new experiences, even more so with a partner in crime. Whether it's a scarlet gown at a gala, a cheeky bikini poolside, or a collection of the finest lingerie in the luxury of a well-appointed suite, I am the ideal match for the indulgent and discerning.

A blend of sensuality and authenticity that satisfies in more ways than just visually, our time together is to enjoy ourselves to the fullest with no script or checklist whatsoever. My model-like body may have piqued your interest, but I’m sure my emerald eyes, playful humor, and sharp mind will capture your heart. Life has provided me with a wide range of perspectives, and I appreciate being in the company of those just as curious as I am.

While I'd be more than happy to let you take the lead, you're also welcome to sit back and relax while I plan a memorable date or trip for us. I'm looking forward to meeting!

Xo Gia


"Gia is a truly exceptional provider that has yet to be matched in my eyes. Her website makes it easy to book and she was quick to get back to me, verify me and schedule our dinner date together."